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World’s largest manufacturer of decorations and party goods, novelty items,                      store display merchandise, custom printed promotional and point of sales products           seeks Australian representation.  Markets for these products include: 1. Specialty Retail Market; 2. Mass Market Retailers; 3. Hospitality Industry; and 4. Corporate Promotional Trade.

Typically, their international sales representatives fit under the following models:

1. Wholesale distributors that focus on party supplies, costumes and/or seasonal merchandise. They will generally service the entire range of markets identified above.

2. Retailers in certain countries and who purchase in volumes that make it cost effective for them to direct import from the US.

3. Sales representative organizations that primarily focus on marketing this company's goods to the mass market, such as supermarket and drug stores. These independent sales reps are contracted to handle specific mass market accounts and are paid a commission based on their sales.

For the Party Supply Sales Representative, complimentary products might include balloons, costumes, seasonal goods, novelty hats, gift candies, stuffed animals, greeting cards, stationary.

For the Hospitality Sales Representative (targeting the hotel and restaurant supply chain), the focus is mostly on New Years Eve items, and the representative may carry other products for the hotel industry, such as towels, cleaners, soaps etc.


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