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An air door (also referred to as an air curtain) blows a controlled stream of air across an opening to create an "air seal."  This air seal prevents flying insects, dust, dirt and cold or warm air from entering the opening. Traffic can flow freely through the opening and vision is unobstructed. The units are typically installed above the doorway. An air curtain's main functions are to separate the inside and outside environments keeping conditioned or heated air from the outside air and to prevent the intrusion of flying insects, dust and other air borne contaminants.  Because air doors help to contain heated or air conditioned air, they provide sizeable energy savings and personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings.

This company is seeking a representative that might sell complementary products in HVAC and refrigeration. 80% of their business in the US is with new construction with typical customers being fast food restaurants, grocery outlets, and materials handling.



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