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This PA company has worked in the electric motor industry since 1910, helping their clients produce better: AC & DC Motors, Generators, Transformers, Commutators, Stator, Armature & High Voltage Coils.  Their product line and services include:

  • Motor Manufacturing Equipment

  • Electric Coil Manufacturing Equipment

  • Taping Machines for Wire Harness and other special applications

  • Custom Manufacturing of special process and material handling machinery

Their ideal agent or representative should be selling and knowledgeable in at least one of the following industries:

  • Railroad industry

  • Mining industry

  • Electrical apparatus industry

The company is open to having one specific rep for each industry or could use one rep to serve all industries, depending on the market needs, market size, and the repís ability.

Complimentary products that the rep may already be selling include: machine tools and spare parts for the industry (i.e. for locomotives, industrial machinery, motors, transformers, etc.)

The agent/rep would be selling either to manufacturers or repair shops for each industryís motors, transformers, etc.

Ideally, the rep/agent should have the ability to service their existing machine in-country, as well.


Contact us to express your interest or request additional information.


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