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Performance sportswear apparel company seeks Australian distributor.

This company markets performance sportswear apparel that is made from a unique silver coated fiber - unlike any other product in the market. 

Silver has inherent antimicrobial properties as well as thermodynamic properties. 

Products made with silver coated fibers do not allow bacteria to start growing, so unlike competitor's products, which may mask, hide or reduce odor, this fabric actually does not  allow bacterial growth to start. 

The thermodynamic properties of this fabric conducts heat away from skin when hot, and reflects it back when cold - ensuring adaptive comfort in mild and extreme conditions. 

Preliminary testing has also shown that this material helps to combat the MRSA virus and studies are underway in the UK to prove this. 

Their apparel could be sold into the following areas:  hunting, military, law enforcement, and mining, to name a few.

Contact us to express your interest or request additional information.


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